Jun 11, 2014

Insurance Verification

I received a letter yesterday stating that my car insurance number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It stated I had 15 days to provide sufficient proof else my car registration will be suspended.
As of today, it's the 16th day and I was already in panic mode. I had to drive to the nearest MVD to provide sufficient proof to them. Luckily, the VIN was correct and I insisted to have a Level 1 check to ensure that the details are correct in case i have to renew my insurance or selling the car.
The process was relatively easy as I only need to fax the new insurance number along with the VIN to MVD. The only annoying thing was the summer heat along with the long line of people waiting. The lady that provides the line number was kind and friendly which somehow subdue the stress and frustrations I had while waiting.
I would probably check again online everyday for a week just in case that it didn't get through.

What a day!

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