Jun 13, 2014

The Wet Chalks

It was first written on Sept 24th, 2011....and found it loaded into Google Drive through my smartphone. Can't believe I had that much time to write it out...

I remembered there was one teacher during my high school told the class of a ghost story of a reason we we never had night classes in school. It was then that teachers were passionate in teaching towards the students that they offered their time in any time of the day during the weekday to cover up some of the syllables or to help some of the weaker students to catch up.
It was also during that time, our teachers themselves whom I really called as teachers often encouraged us to come for extra classes or support the weaker students to share and support. One day we asked whether it's possible to have extra classes during the night when the public exam may be coming in soon. Our English teacher said they used to have that but stopped some years back because of an incident.

The incident was not because of the safety during those night classes (during my time, safety wasn't really an issue... Everyone knows everyone in town) but they found out that there were spirits which roams around the school.

A boy who was a class monitor and also an active scout was one of the popular students in school. Before the class begins, he would clean up the cupboard and prepare chalks for the teachers to use. Many would say he probably have a bright future ahead.

Unfortunately, during one of the scout activities he drowned in a river. I couldn't remember the contents why and how he got drowned. The Tuaran river can be quite unpredictable as a few people claimed 'something' will suddenly pull down a swimmer deep into it. Personally, fear and panic would be the main cause that a person drowned. The routine in school remained a week after where night classes were on. Before the class started, the blackboard remained clean with chalks properly arranged for the teacher. The only problem was that it was wet. None of the students admit that they did it. It went on for a week and the same thing happened that everything were ready except for the wet chalks.

The teacher decided to call off the class as they themselves had chills in their spines during the whole session. They suspected that their dead friend didn't know that he was dead and followed the usual routine of cleaning the blackboard and preparing the chalks in class.
The story ended with a long silence. Was it real or fake? No one knows. But it certainly scared me when I think about it especially if I were alone in that school again.

Courtesy of my English teacher who shared with us in class... Mr Lim Mah Ban

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