Jun 20, 2017

First Movie Away from Home

If weren't for my brother who highly recommended the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2, I probably stayed at home and watch my laptop all day.

Glen and I would go out together for a movie which considered really good. It was fun as we can discuss on the content of the movie. I guess I have to find more things to do to occupy time during the summer. Before the heat actually came in, there's always something to do outside because of the cool breeze but now it's terrifyingly hot(which is not at its peak yet!).

Buying a movie ticket is pretty much the same as in Malaysia but I noticed that the lady at the desk didn't ask which seat I'd prefer to be in. Even looking at the ticket stub, I noticed it only mentioned the theater room number only. We had to line up in front of the door till we were allowed to enter.

I didn't want to be rude upon taking the best seat so I observed a few min on where people are actually sitting. None were looking at the ticket stub and they casually choose the seats that had rails in front of them. Obviously it was a place to rest their feet on. Seems to be a habit that people tend to put their feet on tables or a stool even at the office. Honestly I kinda enjoy the same thing but guess it was really awkward to do so.

So, the rule of watching a movie is to come early and be in the line as early as possible so you can get the best seat. Else, you'll probably end up sitting right in front with your neck bent in an awkward manner. Not mentioning the extremely big screen to look at which you may end up moving your head throughout the show.

It was quite an experience and the movie was good. I had a hard time resisting myself from crying in front of the cartoon. Luckily a mother next to me was crying too and her kid asking her why was she so sad. Lol... It's even more embarrassing as the kid looked at me and asked her mum why I was sad too.

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