Jun 20, 2017

Transfer to Chandler Office

Today, it's my official day in Chandler and realised it was a baaad time to forget where I parked my car. I was struggling to breath in the hot air and piercing sun.
I was extremely tempted to bike to work but just a few minutes of walking out at the carpark, I changed my mind. It's not a good time to save gas or making it as my daily exercise.
Ever since I got transferred to Tempe, it never reached to 115degF. It's funny to imagine people would pay to get into the sauna. I can be in one all day for free! And it's not by choice.
The new office was not as great as the previous. There's lack of privacy where the cube heights were shortened and size is much smaller. I guess, we don't really need that much space to work. It indeed create the term pigeon hole in a whole new level. The lights were too bright as well that some of the colleagues are suffering from headaches. I was fine with it since I grew up with bright lights at home.
Tomorrow and the next few days, the heat will be around 120degF. Only thing I could say is to enjoy the blithering heat. :p

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