Sep 11, 2017

Here's a sharing which may or may not be relevant for all. This is regarding to damage baggage. In some countries, travel insurance maybnot be available and too expensive. It will be worth it if you potentially have some medical issues, very expensive bags/items in your travels or u have multiple connecting flight you can't miss.
If you do not have insurance you can still reduce your loss. I had 2 incidents at the same time and I couldn't purchase travel insurance.  One was the flight delay up to 8 hours and another is a damaged luggage.
When u have a delayed flight, immediately report to customer service online and provide your flight details on the delay. It happened to me twice and both occasions i got $200 flight voucher to use under the same airline. Of course, it would be unfortunate if you can't use the voucher when you happen to live in a different country.

And as for the damaged luggage, always have some room to fill up on the other bag or you will have to carry your stuff home like a beggar in a trash bag. 

In some airports like Korea, they will always have a luggage replacement for you and most of the time, it will fit the same size and style that you used. Of course, always check your luggage first before you leave the airport to make a complaint. 

I had to have the bag registered and sent it off to Rynn's through American Airlines customer service. After more than a week, they called me up and told me that it was irrepairable. They shipped the bag to me and voila!
A brand new bag. It was not as colorful and searchable as my old bad but the quality was far greater. It was definitely worth the time to try to report your dissatisfaction than dwell on your misfortunes. 

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